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Do you love spreadsheets, answering super technical questions and investigating something called "capacitor and voltage regulator applications"?

No? Well, then stop reading, because we're about to get geeky.

If you answered, "Heck yes," then great! Because we need a brainiac like you to help keep our system running.

LaGrange County REMC is looking for a full-time Distribution System Engineer to join our team of driven and dedicated employees.

What makes our co-op great is we're led by our consumers, which is pretty neat because it puts them at the forefront of our decisions, rather than profits or revenue. I'll give you a moment to a digest that. People before profits? Crazy, right?

Because of this, we're always looking to improve our system to distribute rural residents' power efficiently and reliably, and that's where you come in.

The role of Distribution System Engineer means you'll be performing engineering analyses, designing system improvements, resolving technical questions and investigating new technologies, all to make us that much more reliable and awesome.


As a Distribution System Engineer, you'll help us provide adequate, reliable and safe electric services to new and existing cooperative members at the best price you can muster.

Now it's time to get technical and brainy, which you should love. (The rest of us will just wait over here while you read...)

You'll be responsible for:
• Ensuring the reliability and overall economics of our system, while performing engineering analyses for optimal performance and system planning.
• Resolving technical questions and communicating our line extension policy and electrical service requirements to our members.
• Designing line extensions and improvements and subsequently monitoring and coordinating the execution of their construction.
• Investigating new technologies that will impact and improve the distribution system, as well as conducting routine and special studies of our system performance and power quality.
• Developing standards, including practices regarding construction, materials and engineering.
• Preparing purchase orders to maintain adequate materials and supply sources at competitive prices for line construction and maintenance.
• Monitoring our inventory to reliably sustain appropriate volumes and coordinating material inventory processes.

• Can you speak a full sentence without saying LOL, BTW or acting out an emoji? Great! Communication and relationship skills are super important in working closely with our members, other employees and businesses on a regular basis.
• You've decided to keep reading this job ad, so we know you have strong analytical and judgement skills. Good decision-making and problem-solving abilities seem to be a strength for you. So far, so good.
• Do you love to-do lists, highlighters and calendars? You better, because planning and organizational skills are imperative in this position.
• What's ((52 – 18) + 11)/3? Did you answer 6? Good! That's a start. We're looking for someone with strong math and financial skills to analyze, interpret, process and report on data.


When someone says, "My coworkers are like my family," it's usually followed by a lot of cringing. We get it. But if you join our team, you will become one of those obnoxious people, because we all genuinely believe in the cooperative's mission and our part in achieving it. We all work and live in the same community, and we are focused on helping it thrive. We want someone that's not afraid to join our cast of characters, from the curmudgeonly to the kooky.

We offer a competitive salary (consistent with your skills and experience) and an amazing benefits package that includes nearly every kind of insurance you can think of: health, dental, vision, life, short-term disability and long-term disability. You get 10 paid holidays and earn 18 days of paid time off within the first year of employment. But wait, there's more! We also offer a traditional pension plan (didn't think those even existed anymore, did you?) and 401k plan.


You're going to need a few things before applying:
• Bachelor's degree in engineering required.
• Combination of utility work experience and education may be considered in lieu of education requirements.
• A couple years or more of experience with an electric utility would be a huge plus as would familiarity with the electric utility industry-related NEC, NESC, IEEE and OSHA standards.
• Valid driver's license is required.

LaGrange County REMC's mission is to provide efficient and reliable electric service to our members, and we're looking for someone who enthusiastically aligns with that goal, with a sense of humor and determination to do more and be better.

LaGrange County REMC is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative that maintains more than 600 miles of line and distributes reliable electric service to about 7,000 members within LaGrange County and bordering areas of Elkhart, Noble and Steuben counties.

DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website.

LaGrange County REMC is an equal opportunity employer.

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